private billiard

Feel like playing a game of billiards in style?
The billiard room is beautifully decorated with fresco’s. Fresco is a traditional syle of painting with pigments in wet plaster. The painting has to be made really fast, before the plaster dries. This actient technique made sure the loose pigments were absorbed in the wet plaster. After drying the colors are well contained.
The use of the billiard is included in the rental fee, there are no extra costs.
The billiard is situated between te salon, and the billiard bedroom.
Both from the kitchen and the salon you can reach the billiard room.

private outdoor cinema

30 cinema seats
hd beamer
many blue ray dvd’s available
or play a movie from your own laptop
Relax, and watch a movie with your family or friends! The cinema is a favorite of both adults and children.
This beautiful outdoor cinema is built in the former tobacco drying shed. You see the ropes where the tabocco used to dry still hanging at the ceiling. That’s also why it’s originally built with 3 walls, and one open side; so the wind could dry the tobacco.  
Equipped with a HD blue ray beamer, and many DVD’s to watch. There is wifi and an internet cable to plug-in available in the cinema. Bring your laptop to stream you favorite movie. 

communal areas

There are many communal areas in the chateau. Here you can see the photos of the salon, the living room in the pigeonnaire, and te different hallways.
For the dining areas have a look at “kitchens” 
The salon in the chateau is equipped with a TV with french, english and dutch channels. In the chateau, as well as in the pigeonnaire you can also play dvd’s. There is a large collection of dvd’s available in the outdoor cinema.

the garden

Shady or sunny spots, seats or loungers, it’s all available in the gardens of chateau montjoi.
there’s the tarrace, the swimming pool area, the courtyard, a vegetable garden and a large lawn. 
The caretackers of the chateau have their vegetable and herb garden in a part of the chateau garden. It’s an orgaic garden where they grow courgettes, pumins, peas, tomatoes and much more. 
Depending on the time when you’ll have your stay at the chateau, there might grow different produce. You can have a taste of it, if you want! There will be a list available for you, that tells what’s good for harvest at that moment, and the prices.
You can place your order with the caretakers, and they’ll harvest it for you. You can’t have it fresher!

2 kitchens


kitchens and dining areas

There is one kitchen in the chateau, and one in the Pigeonniere.
There are multiple options available to dine, inside and outside. Most of our guests prefer to have lunch and dinner outside, at the long dining tables. You can put the tables wherever you want, on the terrace or near the cinema. The easiest option is when you go outside from the kitchen, right there. 
There is an indoor dining room available, for when the weather is less good.You have to take one staircase up to reach it from the kitchen. 
There are tables and chairs available for 30+ persons. so there are two full sets of dining tables and chairs; one for outside and one for inside.

woodfire pizza oven

Have you ever made your own woodfire pizza? Now you can try! There is a traditional wood-fired oven available for use at chateau montjoi.   
All groups are free to use the ancient wood-fired oven at Chateau Montjoi. There is wood available (you might have to chop it into some smaller pieces).  
The oven has to get burning around 3 hours before the first pizza will go in, so it will be properly heated. When the oven is at temperature, the wood will be pushed to the sides, and around 4 pizzas can go in at the same time.
It will only take 3-5 minutes when the wood is just pushed to the sides, for the pizzas to be ready. The thickness of the bottom, and the amount off topping of course also make a difference in the baking time.
If you are with a big group (30 p), or just really like pizza, and want to eat two, it might be necesairry to refill wood, once in the middle of baking. The caretakers can explain it all to you. 

private swimming pool

Take a refreshing dive on a hot summer day!
The pool is 20 meters long and 5 meters wide, and around 1,6 meters deep. The private pool is situated at the back of the chateau, near the terrace. There are different (inflatable) toys available for children to play with, for in and around the pool.
For every person there is a big pool towel provided, so you don’t need to bring your own!